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You Go Girl…Soccer Player Christie Rampone

John Krease Aug 29


Last week we told you about the inaugural WPS Championship where the LA Sol tricked off the championship to New Jersey’s Sky Blue FC. What we didn’t know at the time was that Sky Blue’s 34-year-old coach and the teams starting defender, Christie Rampone, was 3 months pregnant with her 2nd kid while playing.

WTF! A player/coach playing a third of the season and winning a championship with a baby in the womb…this is a Lifetime movie if we’ve ever heard one.

And the craziest part is even though she knew she was pregnant, she didn’t tell her team until after the win because “the last thing on [her] mind was [her] pregnancy.” Even crazier still is that she is going to play in the WPS All-Star game this weekend in St. Louis before she starts her pregnancy leave. You go girl!


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