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WTF…Kobe’s Speaking At The Mike Jack Memorial


The memorial starts at 10am people, and it is going to be better than the BET Awards. We hear that they have Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Usher, John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, and others… all maybe preforming.

Now we only have confirmation on one of the performances…Mariah will be singing “I’ll Be There,” with Nick Cannon as her hype man.

And of course you can’t have a memorial without the speeches. So there to talk about how great Mike Jack was will be Berry Gordy, Jesse Jackson will probs weasel his way up there, Martin Luther King the III, Magic Johnson, and Kobe…wait a minute!

Now Magic we can understand, he’s probably been to the Neverland Ranch plenty of times, but Kobe…come on. Just because it’s at the Staples doesn’t mean you have to be in it… he don’t know Mike like that!  We’ll be bringing you updates on all the JerseyChasers in attendance so stay tuned…


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