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WTF: Zach Randolph Afraid of Cats

Zach Randolph Afraid of Cats


In addtion to bearing a striking resemblance to Eddie Winslow from Family Matters, it appears that Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph always suffers from Ailurophobia — a fear of cats.

Now that’s what you call the power of the P-U-S-S-Y (cat).

Professional athletes being afraid of animals is nothing new, as Chiefs safety Eric Berry gained notoriety during the NFL season for his equinaphobia, which is a fear of horses and former tennis star Billie Jean King has a fear of hoggs of any shape or size.

Although some may be quick to clown Randolph for his fear of cats, I can relate. As previously mentioned, I’ve suffered from squareaphobia, the fear of becoming a square, since birth.

Considering that Randolph has a reputation for not being a studio thug, odds are the opposition won’t be giving him any shit for his phobia, or risked getting laced with a one-hitter quitter.

Hopefully Randolph didn’t develop his feline fear in a similar situation to the video below…

[via USA Today]


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