WTF? Video Ho Claims Kim Kardashian Had 3some


Now we don’t like putting people’s business on the street, but when news breaks it has to be reported. The chick in this video right here is Shelly Rio, famous for being in music videos and looking something like Kim Kardashian. The latter reason for her extremely moderate success has bothered her for a while now and a few months ago she decided it would be a good idea to start bashing Kardashian and dropping dimes on Reggie Bush’s boo.

In the video Rio makes a bunch of bold claims like Kim’s ass is fake and that she was involved in a 3some with an unnamed female friend and dude. Well we already knew that Kim is rolling with ass pads, but the claim that she flipped a guy with a friend gets us from six to noon in a hurry. While Rio wouldn’t name names we have to assume that she is referring to Kim’s former boo Ray-J, because anybody who has seen the tape (present company included) knows that Brandi’s brother has a strong enough meat to sustain both Kim’s cheeks and another girls. But that’s for another post.

Shelly released a video recently apologizing to Kim for diming out her alleged flipping of Ray-J some unnamed dude. You can check it out after the jump, but if you’d rather see what’s new at spankwire, we’ll se you there. Via World Star Hip Hop

Apparently the whole point of this video was to get people to support her foundation…Double Care!

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