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WTF? Twins Denard Span’s Foul Ball Hits His Mom


Twins outfielder Denard Span had a close call Wednesday as he made his return home to Tampa Bay, for a spring league game against the Yankees. During his first at-bat, Span, batting leadoff, hit a foul ball that actually ended up hitting his mother, who was sitting in the stands for the game. Wanda Wilson was sitting with some other members of Span’s family and friends when the errant ball binged her right in the chest. The feeling had to be something similar to when Mr. Clarence was mistakenly punched in the chest by Martin Luther King Jr.

Span’s mom was taken to the hospital as her son continued to play. But following his at-bat in the 3rd inning Span decided to pull himself out of the game to check on his mom. Apparently everything is all good and Span’s mom is doing fine according to this tweet, but it’s a safe bet that the next game she attends will be in a luxury box of behind the netting.


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