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WTF? Shaq Serenades Justin Bieber Before Concert


If you read The Chaser often, then you know that Shaq is pretty much a legend when it comes to his musical background…the boy can sang better than Mr. Randy Watson. Whilst the Big Diesel normally sticks to classics or current hip-hop/R&B bangers, Shaq showed his range recently when he popped up at a Justin Bieber concert and serenading the rising pop sensation.

Turns out Shaq singing to Bieber was all a promotional stunt for the 2nd season of ABC’s “Shaq Vs.” which premieres this Tuesday. Bieber is slated to appear in an episode of the show later in the season and has been helping promote the show via twitter.

At this point in his career, this is pretty much your best option for getting entertainment from watching Shaq. Via Huffington Post


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