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WTF? “Planking” (New Twitter Phenomenon)


One of my mentor pimps put me up on game to a new trend that is exploding on twitter called “#Plankin” (I put the hash-tag in there in honor of all them tweeples out there.

According to the twitterverse:

#Plankin is the art of layin facedown in unusual publicplaces & photgraphin it. The game is judged on creativity & difficulty

I just said damn. People must be real bored around these parts if they’re spending their time “Plankin Off.” You even got people plankin’ in jail. Now that is ridic.

To be honest I still haven’t done any solid soaking yet, so not sure if I’m ready to make the move into any additional new phenomenons just quite yet.

Some interesting pics of Plankin after the jump…


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