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WTF? NBA Picks “N*ggas In Paris” For All-Star Saturday Night Open


TNT and the NBA picked an interesting song selection for the show open for NBA All-Star Saturday Night, going with Jay-Z and Kanye’s now legendary “N*ggas In Paris.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love the song just as much as the next man, so much so in fact that I sat through it all 10 times at their Watch The Throne concert in LA, but definitely have an issue with it being used by the NBA, especially for one of the most-watched events all season.

Hypothetically speaking, if an Asian hip hop duo came out with a song called “Chinks on Crenshaw,” (it’s an example so if you’re offended chillax) and it was a certified club banger, would the NBA ever consider using it for their NBA All-Star Saturday Night open?

Odds are probably not.


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