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WTF? Mike Tyson Tweets That Holyfield’s Ear Would Have Tasted Better With His Real Deal BBQ Sauce


If you ever wondered if Mike Tyson was messing with them Bath Salts (and/or just some regular run-of-the-mill THC) then look no further then this tweet that the former boxing champion put up, using one of the most iconic moments in his career to help promote Evander Holyfield’s new bbq sauce:

.@holyfield‘s ear would’ve been much better with his new BBQ sauce. check it out realdealbbqsauce.com

Holyfield’s twitter account (which is verified, which basically means there is a verified ghost-writer running the show) quickly responded to Tyson’s tweet with another promo for the Real Deal BBQ sauce:

@MikeTyson Hey bro, let me know how many bottles u will need of my BBQ Sauce!!

After reading the Tyson-Holyfield twitter exchange alls I could think was kudos to whoever thought up the idea to market and promote Evander’s new bbq sauce utilizing the power of social media and one of the most memorable moments in sports history.

Let’s just say Holyfield is a bigger man than me for rolling with this concept, even though it has quickly become a viral sensation with his new venture benefitting mightily as a result, if a dude ever bite a piece of my ear off I wouldn’t be rolling with him.

But I guess that when it makes dollars, it definitely makes sense.

[via @MikeTyson, @Holyfield]


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