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Questionable Call

WTF? Kim Kardashian Drops New Song Called “Jam” On Ryan Seacrest’s Radio Show


Now I don’t know how I feel about Kim Kardashian’s new song “Jam” featuring The Dream, but I’m sure that if legendary barber/intellectual Mr. Clarence heard it, he would say it was good…and terrible.

Unfortunately when you have the star power of a Kardashian, even if it’s mildew, they’ll figure out a way to turn it into barbecue. So I guess Kim’s got herself a hit.

Kim hollered at Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Wednesday morning, accompanied by sister Kourtney, for the world premiere of the track, so guaranteed no matter what it will do some numbers on itunes and will probably end up going platinum, or hood platinum at the worst.

The thickest Kardashian said she played the track at Las Vegas hotspot on New Year’s and the entire crowd was rolling with her song, even though they didn’t know the words.

However, when you’re inebriated everything sounds decent and the video from that night appears to tell a different story.

Never underestimate the power of an incredible cheek. Check out video of Kim dropping the track on New Year’s at Tao in Las Vegas after the jump…


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