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WTF? Former NBA Star Busted For Pimping Minor


Former NBA star Alvin Robertson, the 7th overall pick in the 1984 NBA Draft, was arrested on charges of sexual assault of a child and sex trafficking after a 14 year old girl claim that Robertson and 6 other way-too thirsty dudes (allegedly) kidnapped her and forced her to dance at a strip club and turn tricks, which apparently aren’t really for kids. Robertson was selected to 4 All-Star games during his career and is one of only a handful of players to ever record a quadruple-double in an NBA game.

Lil’ Wayne once said, “body of a woman so her age meant nothing,” but in America (minus Hawaii where pretty much anything goes) this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Especially when you consider that Robertson has already done hard time for getting too violent with one of his boos back in the late 90’s and almost went back to jail in 2002 after getting Kobe’d before Kobe (if you can dig).

This whole story sounds crazier than a bird, why the hell would 7 people, including Robertson, who is something like a legend in the San Antonio area where he played with the Spurs, try to kidnap a young beezy and put her on the track? Common sense would have dictated that this probably wasn’t a good idea, but until more information is released, no one can be sure what really went down.

Video of Gorgeous Dre, a legendary mack who almost faced a life sentence for pimping minors, after the jump…



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