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High School MLB Swag Video

WTF? Delino DeShields 16-Year Old Daughter Can Dunk


Now what we have right here is 16-year old Diamond DeShields, daughter of legendary baseball player and side-boo connoisseur Delino DeShields, looking like a young Brittny Griner and getting her dunk on.

The only difference is that Diamond, a sophomore at Norcross high school out there in Georgia, is only six feet tall. We’ve all seen plenty of tall chicks getting their bang on which is fairly entertaining, but even a 6-foot dude dunking is somewhat rare which makes Diamond’s dunk even more impressive.

DeShields did need a running start and a lob to accomplish the feat, but a dunk is a dunk.

This video has been floating around the matrix for a while now but thanks to the good folks over at Deadspin, it’s finally getting the shine that it deserves.


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