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WTF? Chris Kaman Tweets Out Photo Holding Guns In Support of NRA In Wake of Aurora Theater Shooting


In case you’re unaware, in addition to being certified dunkbait, recently acquired Mavs center Chris Kaman is one of your bigger Legends on twitter, always quick to never bite his tongue and let you know exactly what is on his mind.

Whether it’s sympathizing with Clipper Darrell for his shady treatment by the team or calling Bill Simmons a douche, Kaman has no filter and no problem giving the world a piece of his mind in a 140 characters or less.

Kaman created a little controversy on Sunday, when he tweeted out of photo of him holding two semi-automatic guns with the following message:

Packing up for Dallas, and about to head to the shooting range one last time before I make my journey to TX! #NRA

Kaman’s decision to upload the photo in support of the NRA comes at a questionable time, just days after a deadly shooting a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in the Denver suburb of Aurora, with the alleged shooter purchasing an assortment of weapons and ammunition legally leading up to deadly attack.

In the wake of the Aurora tragedy, anti-gun legislation and reconsidering the 2nd amendment has quickly become the new trendy topic, whilst others argue that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

As you can imagine, Kaman has caught a considerable amount of heat in the aftermath of uploading the picture, but if all of his weapons were purchased legally and he pays his taxes, nobody can really tell him how to live his life.

[via @ChrisKaman]



  1. Shugnight July 22, 2012

    Aren’t silencers ille – oh wait. This is Texas. Nevermind.


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