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WTF? Blake Griffin Can Kick The Rim


Now what we have right here is two dudes displaying some freakish athleticism. The first is none other than reigning rookie of the year and dunk champion Blake Griffin, standing tall at 6-foot 9.

The second is another true legend in former UCLA baller Spencer Soo.

In case you aren’t familiar with Soo, the dude is only 5-foot 8 but has them quantam leaps like Dr. Sam Beckett, gaining notoriety for his ridiculous dunks and ability to jump up and kick the backboard.

Apparently Blake Griffin wanted to take things just a little bit further. The youtube description pretty much says it all:

Spencer was messing around at a workout, and Blake Saw him kick the back board..He wanted to see if he could also, and messed around and kicked the rim! Insane!

In case you were on the fence about how ridic Blake Griffin is, this should at least let you know that he’s down to kick it like Tae Bo.

Messing around and kicking the rim, whilst spectacular, probably isn’t as good as messing around and dropping a triple-double, no matter if it’s at the park on in an NBA game.

[via Sooman13’s Youtube Channel]


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