WTF? Adidas Unveils New Futuristic Jerseys That Teams Will Wear During NCAA Tournament

Adidas New Colleg Uniform


After lacing the Golden State Warriors with questionable jerseys (Editor’s note: I was rolling at first, but shorts are WAY too baggy) which featured a smedium top with sleeves to boot, the good folks at Adidas unveiled similar jerseys that teams will wear during the NCAA tournament.

The 6 schools that will wear the new uniforms including Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA and Louisville, with the latter 3 all sporting a jersey that includes sleeves.

The new jerseys are beyond flamboyant and loud, with the shorts being reminiscent of something that you may see on a ratchet chick at the swapmeet on a Sunday afternoon.

Curious to see how the UCLA fan base will react to these uniforms, considering that they have a long history of getting salty any time that the traditional uniforms (which includes a throwback of a previously -worn version) gets messed with.

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