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WTF? Actor Gerard Butler (“300”) Makes Cameo At Michigan State Midnight Madness


UPDATE: Apparently a bunch of people out there are butt hurt that I made the assumption that Gerard Butler received some sort of compensation for his appearance at Midnight Madness Friday night and subsequent attendance on the field for Michigan State’s football game Saturday. Even if Butler did pay his own way out there, last time I checked field passes to a football game weren’t free.

Oh wait, I get it. Michigan State’s mascot is the Spartan, Gerard Butler starred in a movie about the real Spartans (“300”), so flying him to East Lansing to make a cameo at MSU’s annual Midnight Madness was some great cross-promotion. Clever girl (Jurassic Park legend’s voice after he realized the V-raps set him up).

But one thing is for certain, Butler didn’t front the bill for his trip, which makes you wonder just how much that the university had to pay him for the courtesy appearance at the event. I’d venture to say that it was at least 10 stacks, if not more, and in this economy that money may have been better served elsewhere.

On the other hand, it is a small price to pay to get students and alumni juiced about the upcoming season, and the Sparta chant is pretty legendary.



  1. lyn October 17, 2010

    I think that’s a very rude comment.

    How do you know he didn’t pay his own way? he was there in Michigan filming this summer and was invited back.

  2. Jerseychaser54 October 17, 2010

    @Lyn Rude? I could see if we made references to his sexuality or physical appearance, but we didn’t.

    Since your our Michigan “insider”, feel free to email us tips about what’s going on out there. Thanks.

  3. Jane October 17, 2010

    You really are a twit, aren’t you? Don’t check facts, go on worst assumptions and put your stupidity out there for all to see.

    How do you know he didn’t fly himself out there? Where’s your ace fact checking on this?
    The fact that he’s known to jet all over on whims and attend all kinds of functions in a spirit of good-humor doesn’t even enter your radar, does it? Certainly not something you’d ever consider doing. You’d want cash up front cause that’s the kind of guy you are.

    Not really necessary to hype a four year old film, is it? Nothing coming out soon, is there? Maybe hype isn’t the answer. Maybe he just decided it would be a fun thing to do.

    And since it wasn’t pre-advertised it’d be kind of a poor kind of ‘hype’ anyway.


  4. BROSEFOLOPHOGUS October 17, 2010


    Judging from your usage of “twit” and worthless rant you are a either a Brit, Gerard Butler’s mom or one of his old c-dumpsters or some combo of the 3. Don’t worry won’t bother to fact check that. Is it stupid to think that a celebrity would get paid to make an appearance somewhere. That’s the dumbest thing that I’ve ever heard…jk. The fact that I wasted several minutes of my life getting into an argument about Gerard Butler actually does make me feel like a “twit” though.

  5. Jane October 17, 2010

    Proves my point. Can’t come up with a reasoned response, or a fact, so go to the personal attack. That’ll prove your point.

    It may not be ‘stupid’ to think lots of things but it is stupid, that is, intellectually inferior, to put unproven assumptions out as fact, in a public forum no less, and then make assertions based on those assumptions as though you know what you’re talking about.

  6. Mike October 17, 2010

    Wow, instead of saying you are going to call the Athletic Department for the college to verify your comments you start calling people disgusting names and you are the face of sports reporting today. SAD.

  7. Sparty October 17, 2010

    First, you don’t know Gerry to make such assumptions about him. He just happens to be a very great guy who loves putting himself out there for his fans. He didn’t have to come or even acknowledge what MSU does in relation to 300. However, he did and he loved it. If you knew him at all you would know what a sincere guy he is. He doesn’t fake it and he doesn’t need the money. Whether or not he got paid is no ones business anyway and who cares…. did they put him at the Kellogg Center probably…I would too!!!!!

    Why not focus on all the good things that came out this entire weekend and all the great times everyone had with him being there. He took extensive time hanging with the people in Michigan and was gracious and his wonderfully friendly self…Let’s be try and be happy for everyone instead of makeing something so fun so negative. You jealous no one wants to pay to see you?

    We had the best time with him!
    Before you ask..yes, I have met him..several times…before you get off on that.

  8. BROSEFOLOPHOGUS October 17, 2010

    What is your point? If you can provide documentation that Mr. Butler didn’t receive any form of compensation (tickets, lodging etc.) for his visit to Michigan St. then you would have done it already. As I recall in your first comment you referred to me as a “twit” and stupid for thinking that a celebrity would receive some form of compensation for making an appearance at MSU’s midnight madness and football game. I would call that a personal attack based on assumption, and as a result you deserved to get checked accordingly.

    The reality is that you don’t know who or what I know and it’s intellectually inferior for you to try and assume that you do. If you did, you wouldn’t be wasting my time with all this mambo jahambo.

    I never attacked G-But (thats what we call him around these parts) on a personal level and was actually quite complimentary of him. Making the point that he might have been compensated for taking the time out of his schedule to go to MSU is a pretty reasonable and rational assertion. Nobody does anything for free.

  9. Jolee S October 18, 2010

    I have to say Brose, that Google alerted me to read your opinions. I do think that however logical the assumption, it was kind of rude for you to call him out. If you liked the guy, wouldn’t you be pointing out how odd yet interesting it was for him to randomly show up in support of the new season? If he did get paid, which I doubt, it is no one’s business but the school’s and Gerard’s. Even the Lakers didn’t pay him for THAT appearance, sitting court side with Adrien Brody and Jeff Katzenburg. He also posed for photos with the cheerleaders, and I want to assume that’s all he got out of that. Plus the free McDonald’s and seats of course.

    Thanks for reading.

  10. Jerseychaser54 October 18, 2010

    To all that have their panties in a bunch over Gerard Butler, don’t fret. Report our site to the fact-checking police, have us suspended for an suggesting Butler was paid 10k to appear at a school that isn’t his alma mater’s Midnight Madness. Public forum’s are just that– a place where you can voice and express your opinion. We don’t view Michigan State through the same lens as the diehard Sparty’s, so it strikes us as hard to believe that a Hollywood A-list actor would randomly show up at your school’s event, without some kind of compensation and/or having his expenses paid. Congratulations on being 7-0 and we wish you guys a great basketball season. Thank you for your comments, insults and suggestions. We care.


  11. Jerseychaser54 October 18, 2010

    @Jane Your veiled reference to the “kind of guy you are” has some very negative and offensive undertones. I hope you weren’t suggesting what I think you were.

  12. Jerseychaser54 October 18, 2010

    @Sparty how could you have met Butler several times?

  13. Jerseychaser54 October 18, 2010

    @Mike we are flattered by your hilarious suggestion and we called MSU Athletic Department over the weekend, but officials were unavailable for comment.

  14. Mike October 18, 2010

    Here’s the answer to your question of why Butler was there-
    “This was not Butler’s first visit to campus. He said he’d been invited since the release of the movie in 2007, but didn’t get a chance to stop by until the summer of 2010, when he was filming a movie in Michigan.
    He flew in from New York for MSU’s homecoming weekend.
    “It was kinda neat,” Izzo said. “Him wanting to be here for the weekend because he’d come here one other time … it was pretty cool. He was great. I take my hat off to him.”

    Read more: Gerard Butler shows his Spartan pride | freep.com | Detroit Free Press http://www.freep.com/article/20101017/SPORTS07/10170493/1055/SPORTS/Gerard-Butler-shows-his-Spartan-pride#ixzz12iROgHpM

  15. Jerseychaser54 October 18, 2010

    @Mike I would expect the Spartan contingent to paint this picture, but again it’s hard to believe Butler would show up 3 years later out the kindness of his heart, or love for Michigan State. It does look great for recruiting, that’s for sure. Money well spent.

  16. Erin Sockabitch October 19, 2010

    Not much that needs to be said, both JC54 and Bro addressed most issues, but I will say to @Jane, aka Gerard’s Mother, Bitch are you serious? The story here was the fact that MSU coordinated a savvy publicity move, in bringing A-List Gerard to their pre-season events, which begged the question of, what was it worth? In no way was Gerard criticized in this blog- getting paid to show your face at events? That’s how celebrities make a living you idiot. Either you really are his mother (in which case I totally understand your useless comments) or you are actually the moron in this discussion.

  17. Bonnie Shipley October 19, 2010

    Wow, such articulate people! The insight, the analysis: always a pleasure to read commentary by jock straps.

    Gerard is worth millions. He absolutely does not need the publicity (check out TMZ and similar sites if you dont believe that) or the money; he owns his own production company, is extremely articulate, and was in training to be a lawyer in Scotland before becoming an actor. He is probably the most approachable, friendly and down to earth star out there, and is well known for that and for his generosity. He is constantly doing favors for family, friends and fans. He matched the funds generated by one of his fan sites for women’s and children’s charities. The amount he matched was considerably more than he could have made by coming to Michigan. He has been hard at work training for two different films, one in Serbia and one in South Africa for six months and is just recently returned.

    Get a life and get some facts.

  18. Jerseychaser54 October 21, 2010

    @Bonnie There are plenty of millionaires that still accept payment for public appearances sweetheart. You may not know this, but unfortunately it’s true love.

  19. Bonnie Shipley October 21, 2010

    At my advanced age, my dear young man, it is not true love, just admiration for a beautiful animal, just sign me really old, but absolutely not dead….


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