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Wojnarowski From Yahoo Sports Slapped With Lawsuit


According to the NY Post, The Penguin Group filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court against Yahoo Sports NBA columnist Adrian Wojnarowski, seeking the return of a $140,000 advance for “Jimmy V: The Life and Death of Jim Valvano.”

The  federal court filing says Wojnarowski — a best-selling author — initially promised to produce a 130,000-word manuscript about the controversial coach by August 1, 2007.

After Wojnarowski repeatedly failed to deliver the book, his $400,000 deal was slashed to $325,000 and he got a “final delivery date” of June 1, the suit says.

On June 14, Penguin canceled the contract and demanded repayment of its advance, and on July 19 it “offered (Wojnarowski) terms for repaying the $140,000.”

Wojnarowski ignored both letters, the suit says……

Wojnarowski blamed the suit on “a miscommunication between my agent and me,” saying: “if they had given him a warning, he had not passed it on to me.”

“I had no idea it had gotten to that point,” he said. “I’m literally sending them the money today.”

Wojnarowski said he did “a great deal of reporting” for the Valvano bio, but that “the demands of my job at Yahoo! made it diffcult for me to finish it.”

Wojnarowski has been a harsh, mean-spirited critic of Lebron James, constantly trashing his PR firm LRMR and “The Decision.”


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