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Will.I.Am Calls Out Primetime At NFL Kickoff Concert


This is some crazy ‘ish right here. During the NFL Opening Kickoff concert in Pittsburgh, the Black Eyed Peas front man, Will.I.Am, took some time out from preforming to publicly challenge Deion Sanders to a race in front of thousands of fans.

During a break in the action, Will.I.Am told the entire crowd that he wanted to race Primetime and then proceeded to take his shoes off, saying he was from the hood and was no stranger to racing barefoot. Not to be outdone, Sanders took off his suit jacket and shoes, letting Will.i.am know that he was down for whatever.

Sanders, who was once known for having one of your sicker jheri curls, was about a hundred feet away from the stage working the NFL Network’s pregame show and took a little time during a break in the broadcast to enjoy the Peas. Will.i.am spotted Sanders and began pointing at him, sprinting across the stage, and mocking Primetime as the group was performing.

If Will.i.am thinks he has a chance to beat Primetime, who once ran a 4.19 40-yd dash, we got two words for him…Negro Please!


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