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Who Bangin’??? Jason Terry Hits Up The Entire Staple Center After Bucket To Almost Beat Clippers


In an NBA that has been dominated by the Soo Woo Nation as of late, it’s good to see that Mavs guard Jason Terry is bringing a diversification to the League, rolling with endangered-level contingent of current NBA players that are either Crips or honorary Crips based on popular demand.

JET joins a list of current NBA stars, including LeBron James, Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio as top Crips in the NBA, even though all of the other men previous mentioned are merely honorary selections.

Even though we are rolling with the Clippers, after Chauncey Billups tricked off a possession with a sloppy pass that led to the first of back-to-back 3-pointers by Terry, it looked like that Clippers were done but Mr. Big Shot had some other things in mind.

Video of Jason Terry banging on the entire Staples Center after the jump…


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