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When Will The Tiger Bashing End?

(Tiger’s voicemail warning Jamie Grubb that his main boo may be on to them. Too bad Grubb’s decided to dime him out for some cheese. smh)

(You should probably listen to this before you think about creeping)

It is true that when news breaks it has to be reported, but the time for honoring side boos must come to an end. Ever since Air McNair was murked by a salty side boo, the world has become infatuated with exposing the latest affair. Case in point the uproar over Tiger Woods’ decision to get his nut from a few above average beezies, even though he already has a main boo. Tiger’s attempt to keep his transgressions low key are respectable, but his side boos violating the unspoken code and selling out the Legend for 15 minutes of fame, is a damn shame.

I never claimed to be the smartest dude around town, but any time you go out of your way to leave your side boo a solid heads up, only to have said side boo share your message with the entire world, that shouldn’t be considered reckless pimping. What Tiger did was commendable, trying to alert a side boo to a potential situation only to have her dime him for a small chunk of change is beyond shade balls. Whatever they paid her, surely Tiger could have chipped (apropos) her more. People can argue that what Tiger did was wrong, but what these side beezies are doing to make a buck is considerably worse.

The magnitude of this situation is going to create a monster, with the technological revolution, side boos now have the capabilities to not only catch dudes up, but now can directly communicate with each other, in an informal setting, through various media platforms. Gone are the days when a simple phone call was all it took to get it cracking. With the advent of e-mail, text messaging, aim, bbm etc., side boos now have the ability to completely manipulate a situation. And now that they know they can slang a juicy piece of gossip for some cheese or even become TV stars, so the natural conclusion is obvious.

This simple answer is to say don’t cheat, but that’s pretty unrealistic in this present day and age. Especially when you are a billionaire with a squarish look that some women find irresistible. I’ve taken a good hard look at all the women that are coming out claiming affairs with Tiger and can safely say I would mash all of their cakes for sho. Odds are that you would too, so just imagine if it was a layup…guaranteed you’re doing the same thing as Tiger. They knew he had a wife and could have easily said no thanks, but their thirst consumed them and they became weekend p*ssy. Then have the nerve to flaunt around town and pretend to be some type of victim for getting their cakes willingly beat by the world’s most recognizable athlete.

Meanwhile Tiger is getting treated like a villain, but the truth is this is no one’s business. It may be morally wrong, but so is phantom pooping.



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