What Gang Sign Is D-Rose Throwing Up?


Even through all the smoke, we knew which gang he was throwing/trying to throwup up as soon as we seen’t it. So try and guess, look it up on the internet, ask your ghetto cousin, use whatever lifelines you got to. We’ll tell you if one of yall get it right. Hell we might even give you a cash prize if you do…

New Lil’ Wayne ft. Gucci Mane – We B Steady Mobbin’

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  1. umm it looks like he’s trying to throw up a pitch fork…

  2. Vicelord Nigga

  3. hmmm.. probably looks lik gangsta disciples r vicelord

  4. yoll niggzas food is hell$$$$$ tek up

  5. 720degrees says:

    He throwing up GD.

  6. mothafuckin pitchforks nigga! GD fo lyfe!

  7. PurpleKush says:


  8. he’s throwing up gd

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