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Week Of JerseyChaser Spottings

In who is probs the luckiest man of all-time here we have Seal and his wife….Victoria Secret Supermodel and one of the sexiest women on the planet, who he has a kid with, Heidi Klum. We know it makes you mad because if she is letting him beat that means we all had a chance. But, here they are at the Laker game kissing when they were not even on the ‘Kiss Cam’ so you know they love each other.

Don’t worry we have spottings of Gisele without Tom, Kim K no Reggie, Tony Romo with some other people not Jessica and our pic of the week below…

The good thing for boyfriends that have a high profile boo is that you never have to worry about them sneaking around and cheating on you because the paparazzi. These are just pics of them leaving a frineds house and shopping…which one is doing which, does it really matter.

So what has Tony Romo been doing since he lost to the Eagles, we are glad you asked…playing tennis with ex-teenage singer heart throb Ryan Cabrerra (thats an odd couple), playing golf with Jessica’s dad, and going to lunch in West Hollywood with a dude.We guess Jessica doesn’t like him hanging out with girls.

And we told you you should be watching tennis…


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