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NFL Week 9

Week 9 is over and done with. Some teams lost, others won, but they all lived to fight another day.

Jets vs Bills Farve threw his 300th career interception, but they still pulled it out.

Lions vs Bears The Lions have been voted most likely not to win a game all season. Not a surprise.

Ravens vs Browns Baltimore’s defense continues to keep them in the playoff hunt.

Buccaneers vs Chiefs The Chiefs still suck, but at least they almost won.

Texans vs Vikings Damn Matt Schaub. Damn.

Cardinals vs Rams Kurt Warner got another opportunity to service his former team.

Packers vs TItans The Titans are still unbeaten and they continue to dominate the mediocre teams they face.

Dolphins vs Broncos A questionable call on Brandon Marshall helped Miami keep up their winning ways.

Cowboys vs Giants Hopefully the ‘Boys can get it together when Tony Romo comes back. Hopefully.

Falcons vs Raiders Damn the Radiers only had 77 yards … TOTAL!

Eagles vs Seahawks Big Day for D-Mac, Brent Celek and the birds.

Patriots vs Colts Peyton Manning and Big Bob Sanders did there best to keep the Colts’ playoff hopes alive


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