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We Want An Asterisk By All Michael Phelps’ Records…


Michael Phelps broke the 200-meter butterfly world record…and we’re not rolling! Matter of fact, we want an asterisk placed beside it. Matter of fact, we say that an asterisk should be placed by this one and every other world record he has.

But we’re not stopping there. We want an asterisk put by all the world records set since Beijing. Why?…because of these damn “performance-enhancing” special NASA designed polyurethane suits they’re wearing.

Wearing these designer suits is the same as juicing…athletes are doing something that gives certain athletes an unfair advantage over the others. Juicing. And just like the juice was eventually outlawed, so will these suits come January 1, 2010.

And ever since Phelps lost yesterday, he’s become the biggest advocate to get them banned even sooner. His coach is saying Phelps might ban swimming competitions until the swimming governing body straightens this whole mess out.

This is from the man that was one of the few to wear Speedo’s designer LZR Racer swimsuits in the Olympics. 8 Gold Medals and a few world records, all done with the designer suit. You only hear this from him now because they’ve come out with a better suit that he can’t wear because it’s not Speedo, the Arena X-Glide Suit Paul Biedermann wore to beat him.

And they are not just making him faster…over 160 world records have been broken since then. In 32 events in this World Championship competition alone, 20 world records have already been broken. And it ain’t because people are training harder.

It’s the suits! And soon they’ll be banned. But the records…they will stand. Which is why an asterisk needs to go next to them.


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