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We Salute The Lakers…NBA Champs 2009!

John Krease Jun 14


Before the season even started we said if the Lakers did not win the championship it would be a travesty. Matter of fact we predicted that they would beat the ’96 Bulls record for the most wins in a season…not because Kobe is better than Jordan (that’s ridiculous), but simply because they had top to bottom a better team than the Bulls.

So now the Lakers have won it all we would first like to tell you told you so and then send a salute out to the team. Especially to Phil Jackson aka the Zen Master, who with the win has become the greatest coach of all time, hands down no arguments. Phil is like Dr. Dre or somebody…the dude has produced some of the greatest.

And we commend Kobe, he is truly one of the greats of all time (notice we did not say greatest). The dude did average 32 points, 7 assist, and 6 boards in the Finals so we’ll give him his props. But, it wasn’t Kobe that won the championship for the Lakers, we could have replaced him with LeBron, DWade, etc and the Lakers would have won…the key to their win was defense.

The Lakers held the Magic to 86 points last night. mainly because they only had to double team Dwight Howard one time. Once all game! That means there was no kickouts for wide open jumpers from Hedo, Alston, Pietrus, or Lewis. So big ups to everyone for lockingup…we will be celebrating with you on Wednesday.


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