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We Know What’s Wrong With ARod…Kate Hudson

John Krease Aug 13


So we have been wondering why ARod sucks so much this season and while most people say it’s because he is not on the roids any more, we know that it’s because of one person…Kate Hudson and her biological clock.

Come to find out she has been putting the full court press on ARod to have a baby. She’s 30, getting old, and wants her son Rider to have a brother or sister before she starts getting hot flashes on the regular. But ARod already has 2 kids under 4-years-old, and doesn’t want another baby momma.

So not only does ARod have to worry about living up to his big ass contract and the NY media (which is the reason they call the city the rotten apple), but he has to worry about Kate Hudson poking a hole in his condom or her “accidentally” forgetting to take her pill…too much for any man’s mind. So drop her ARod, she’s bad for baseball.


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