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We Feel Sorry For Brett Favre…He’s Coming Back

John Krease Jul 15


“There’s two weeks left and I’m doing everything I can, I was down here Sunday morning working out. I’m trying to get everything to where I feel 100% when I go in. I can’t go in any less. When you’re 39 years old, it’s hard enough. But it’s getting there.”

Now this comes straight from Brett Favre himself. So skip what you heard, he’s not giving himself two weeks to come back…he’s giving himself two weeks to get back to 100% so that “when he goes in” (to training camp we presume) he’ll be ready.

Ready to get his ass busted this season. This is going to be the year that the fans and the media make him feel sorry for coming back. He will be criticized, thrown under a line of buses, and have himself a new asshole ripped.


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