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Warriors Sign Jeremy Lin AKA The Bay Area Square


The Golden State Warriors are close to signing Harvard graduate Jeremy Lin to a 2-year deal. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but sources say the first year is partially guaranteed and the 2nd year is a team option.  Lin gained a devoted following on the internet and in the national media , due to his Ivy League pedigree and Asian background.

Though he showed some NBA  ability during the  summer league,  I’m not sold on his value as a basketball asset.  At 6’3 he’s stuck in the tweener zone and though a decent ball-handler, finding his position in the NBA will be a process. Lin averaged 9.8 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists for the Dallas Mavericks, decent numbers, but not outstanding…..

I was impressed with ability to get past defenders to the rim, and at times surprised by his athleticism.  Defensively Lin plays with constant energy and effort, will fight for boards underneath, dive on the floor and has excellent anticipation in the passing lanes.   He has shown some efficiency in NBA Pick/Roll situations making solid reads on a consistent basis.

His court and peripheral vision are excellent, and unorthodox release on his jumper  finds it way in the hole.  He reminds me of a poor mans Devin Harris for some reason.

I do find the hype and excitement around his game a little much, there are several guards I scouted that I have rated higher than Lin.  Its a good  public relations for the Warriors franchise and a savvy business move. Lin was born and raised in the Bay Area, and his cult following   should increase Warrior ticket-sales.

The NBA has a new face to market to its ever expanding Asian market and fans get to anoint another anti-Lebron hero.  Strictly from a  basketball perspective, I’m not so sure.  Opportunities in the NBA are far and few between and  there are several other players that have paid their dues and deserve a roster spot.

There are several players that played better in summer league and are just as valuable of a basketball asset as Lin.


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  1. jeremy lin jersey July 28, 2010

    i’m from the bay area and i’m also asian. its exciting to have jeremy play for the warriors especially when he grew up cheering for the team as a child. this is truly a dream come true for him and is a monumental step for asian americans. go jeremy!


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