Vince Young Is Back On His Grind


After starting the season 0-6, the Titans have found new life in former 3rd Overall Pick Vince Young, who has led Tennessee to 5 straight victories, including this miraculous come from behind win Sunday against the Cardinals. Young looks like a new man, taking full advantage of a 2nd chance, to make a first impression. With the craziness that has ensued in the AFC this season, the Titans are actually in the hunt for a wild card spot, only one game behind the 6-5 Steelers, Ravens and Jaguars, who are all tied for the final playoff spot.

Young has been doing work since being named the starter in Week 8, completing nearly 63% of his passes for 1,010 yards, 4 TD and 2 interceptions whilst also averaging nearly 30 rushing yards per game during that span. Vince is finally starting to look like he did back in 2006, when he made it to the Pro Bowl by default.

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