Day Brightener Video…Presenting Andressa Soares

Now we don’t know where this girl got her ass from, but it definitely did not come from her momma. Even if you took JLo’s and Beyonce’s ass and put them together, they still ain’t touching this girls right badonkadonk here. She has got to be around 200 pounds of all thickness. Thank you Jesus for Andressa Soares.

And FYI we got parts two and three of the video below and it only gets better…

Now we post these to brighten your day for one, but also to show the work she puts in to maintain her cheeks. She puts in so much work that we are debating on whether to consider booty shaking a sport (hey if pole dancing can become a “sport” and have a national champion, so can booty shaking).

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  1. She got more cheeks than Maurice’s whole family…

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