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Michael Vick…From A Criminal To A Patriot?


Michael Vick to the Patriots! Yes, people and it could be going down soon.

Belichick tipped everyone off that the Patriots might be interested in Vick earlier today by saying stuff like he has not been “ruled in or ruled out” and that the organization “would consider” picking him up. Sick, seeing how everyone else up until now has just straight-up said hells naw.

But Belichick, who still doesn’t know if Tom Brady is going to come back as sorry as Carson Palmer, wants to implement something like the Wildcat, and he’s saying that there is some potential that Vick could be in a Patriots uniform come next season.

There’s still some hope out there for Vick people.

All we know is one of the NFL teams better sign Vick because not only do we hear he ran a 4.4 second 40 yard dash straight out the pen, but word on the street is “the UFL is willing to pay Vick $1.5 – 2 mill for one six game season”.


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