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Vanessa Bryant (Kobe’s Boo) Steals Shine At Finals


Look, the last thing I want to do is give more attention to the fame whore that is Vanessa Bryant, but are you serious? Is it just me, or did Vanessa and her 2 little trolls daughters get more face time on the  podium last nite than D-Fish, Pau, Bynum and Artest (well, maybe not Ron-Ron) put together?

Now-I’m all about family love, and even Kobe’s weak attempts to show he really is a family man (despite that whole “adultery” thing a few years back that nobody seems to remember) don’t bother me too much, but this camera thirsty ex- video ho Vanessa really gets my blood boiling.  Last time I checked Vanessa, you aint hit one shot or grab one rebound, and the only thing you’re stealing, is the mother effin limelight.  This trick had the nerve to place her kids smack dab in front of Commissioner David Stern, in all their shiny cheerleader outfit glory…looking ready to be flipped already.

Curiously enough, I’ve seen the same type of outfits that Vanessa had the little Mambas rocking, at various gentleman’s clubs across the country (let’s just say my Boo is a fan of making it rain on the 2nd and 16th). Maybe I’m just bitter I don’t get to sport a multi-million dollar rape “adultery” ring- but I just want to give a shout out to the basketball wives (and not girlfriends or 13-year fiancees) that actually know what class is-(What up Khloe! Do your thang Mrs. Fisher)

And on that note, let me remind you who YOU are Vanessa–a  background dancing video ho in “g’d up” who came up the easy way…the sleazy way…Khloe has waaaay more star power than any of the other Lakers basketball wives, but you didn’t see her trying to be all up in the kool-aid. She played her position and let her Boo and his teammates enjoy the moment.

Vanessa doing here thing in the Eastsidaz (featuring Snoop) music video “G’d Up” after the jump…



  1. juelz June 23, 2010

    get over vanessa taking the ring, kobe did get caught cheating At least he got her the ring to make upp for it most dumbass men say h Im sorry i wont do it again & dumbass women take them back! I mean Kobe has bought her more expensive gifts! And dont talk bad about kids man what kind of person are you calling the girls trolls! who cares stop beeing jelouse because you wouldnt pass on a music video or a milliom dollar ring….hater:)

  2. Wendy July 25, 2010

    I thought this was funny….Sometimes you have to laugh at the truth and move on. Some people just get so bent out of shape!


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