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Utah Jazz Guard Earl Watson Shows Love To The Game With Legendary Poem

Earl Watson Basketball Poem


Utah Jazz guard Earl Watson is the epitome of a baller, and a prime example of the success that  is a direct result of having the dedication and determination to excel on the court and use basketball as a means of creating a better life.

Watson recently posted this poem on his facebook account, paying homage to the game that he loves:

He loves you for the fame but to me it is more than just a game!

I met you when I was lost! Slept with you for the lessons you taught!

I know you’re not loyal but I fell for you!

No words spoken till the 2nd grade, all day I was dreaming of your brown face!

Adolescent years under the moonlight I cried as I told you my darkest secrets!

You used my energy from my nightmares!

When Eric died you was right there!

Held you while I prayed for strength telling my confessions! I cried when you loved other guys! Unfaithful but I always took you back!

F#*k it I love you there’s no looking back!

Always on my mental I can’t sleep! To keep her forever I may never know!

I got divorced because of you! Saying I was always with you! Now because of you, love doesn’t live here!

I’m lying please come back here!

What if I never met you? I would have been dead before 22!

You took me places I could only dream of! I’m addicted to your love, how else could I explain being distant from my daughters love!

I met you broken under the shade! I gave you my life at a young age and now I can’t leave your face!

I killed me trying to love you!

Heartbreaks more than mountain peaks! I should have known I met you in the inner city streets!

I love you and I will never be the same! God used you to save my life!

I would love you if there was no money or fame! Hoop, I LOVE this GAME! #realLOVE&BASKETBALL

Full disclosure, I’ve known Earl since I was a little kid and got the opportunity to play with him my freshman year at UCLA, and dude was one of the hardest workers and greatest natural leaders that I have ever seen(t).

Watson has parlayed his love for the game into a 12-year NBA career, and has the distinction of scoring the first points in the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise history.


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