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USC’s Matt Barkley Billboard in Westwood Taking Shot at UCLA Removed


As if the UCLA-USC rivalry wasn’t already heated enough, the Trojans athletic department decided to take a shot at at the Bruins with a conveniently placed ad campaign, featuring a billboard of Heisman candidate Matt Barkley right in the heart of Westwood.

Not coincidentally the company which owns the Westwood billboard location has Trojan ties, and shortly after putting up the billboard it was quickly covered, in a move that has pissed off the Trojan contingent.

The Barkley billboard was one of several different campaigns put together by USC athletics, with the school locking up 30 billboards across Southern California to help promote their sports teams.

The billboard also occupied some prime real estate in Westwood, with a Pinkberry and Subway located directly across the street and a newly opened hot spot 8oo Degrees just a stone’s throw away, in perfect position to spit in the face of the UCLA-dominated area.

You may recall that these schools have a long history of trying to use various forms of media to take shots at each other, kind of like this gem featuring what would prove to be felonious claims by then UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel.

The bottom line is that after getting all up in the Bruins’ ass like a wedgie last year 50-0 (but missing out on the postseason because of NCAA sanctions) and entering this season at #1, the Trojans (football only) are free to advertise wherever  they damn well please, cause they run the city.

If the Bruins have a problem with that, then they can address said grievances Nov. 17.

[via LA Times]


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