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USC Linebacker Malcolm Smith At UCLA’s Undie Run


In case you didn’t know Malcolm Smith is a Legend on and off the field. The ‘SC linebacker was responsible for putting up the first points on the board after getting a pick six in the first quarter of USC’s 28-7 win over crosstown rival UCLA in the annual battle of Los Angeles. But just because he balls on the other side of town, doesn’t mean you won’t find Smith in and around the Westwood area. Especially when there is a bunch of beezies in their panties and bras, bouncing around like basketballs.

We spotted Smith back in June at what would prove to be the last UCLA Undie Run, after the school has decided to cancel the event because it got way too cracking. The decision was due to a large influx of non-UCLA students, like Smith, who take part in the event and linger around the surrounding area following the festivities.

There have been varying incidents associated with the recent tradition due to the continuing growth of the Undie Run from a grassroots, unorganized freedom of expression into a school-controlled spectacle in which thousands take part. Although the Undie Run has technically been eliminated, we have a feeling some crafty students will figure out a way to keep it alive

Check out Smith’s hilarious interview at the Undie Run after the jump…

(Malcolm comes in at 1:23)

The dude is a USC linebacker, at UCLA’s Undie Run, rocking a Miami Hurricanes hat. Interesting to say the least.


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