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USC Football Travels To Haiti To Help in Aftermath of Devastating 2010 Earthquake


In a goodwill gesture to a country still struggling to recover from a devastating earthquake in 2010, 16 members of the USC Trojans football squad, including projected 2013 #1 Overall pick Matt Barkley,  took a trip to Haiti to help build 4 homes and transport supplies.

The USC Football website dropped this video today, a more than 9 minute documentary of the the players’ trip, filled with candid reflections from a group of guys that got exposed to life in a 3rd world country, much different than college life at a private University in Los Angeles.

The trip was sponsored by Hope Force International, with the players utilizing the wealthy alumni fan base to raise enough money to cover travel and expenses, in what has to be an incredibly inspiring way to build team unity as the Trojans prepare for the upcoming season.

The Trojans decision to go to Haiti also proves to be a great PR move for the school, still feeling the heat from those sanctions back in 2010, which included scholarship reductions and a 2-year postseason ban.


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