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Unattractive Spurs Fans Create “LeBroning” Meme to Mock LeBron’s Cramps



After a severe case of cramps forced LeBron James to miss most of the 4th quarter in the Heat’s Game 1 loss of the NBA Finals, Spurs fans and general LeBron haters (who buck any affiliation with their actual team to join the bandwagon of whatever team LeBron is currently facing) displayed some bad form as they took to social media to mock LeBron’s devastating injury.

The cramps were a result of a convenient A/C malfunction at the Spurs’ AT&T Center, which made the arena uncomfortably hot and led to some embarrassment for the NBA, and a half-hearted apology from the Spurs for the technical gaffe in the biggest game of the NBA postseason.

The internet was flooded with social media experts, who despite being more worthless than a cock-flavored popsicle both athletically and in life, offering up their opinions and creating a new “LeBroning” meme in an attempt to troll the best player in basketball.

Meanwhile, a large contingent of athletes that have actually played sports came to LeBron’s defense, with an understanding of how crippling a cramp can be in comparison to other injuries that athletes can actually play through.

The highlight had to be Kobe fans comparing LeBron being carried off the court with cramps to Kobe making 2 free throws after suffering a ruptured achilles and walking off the court on his own power. But what they failed to mention was that Kobe only gets carried by Shaq and/or by his teammates in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Spurs fans didn’t learn anything from Pacers fans, who were quick to bump their gums after their Game 1 win in the ECF, only to now be posted on Chilligan’s Island.


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