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UGA Coach Mark Fox Hits Bucket Off The Shot Clock


You have to think that after seeing Georgia football coach Mark Richt hit a solid trick shot before a UGA basketball game this past January, Bulldogs basketball coach Mark Fox may have felt like his shine was being jacked. Deciding not to let it ride, Fox joined the ranks, hitting this respectable trick shot from the behind the hoop, managing to bounce it off the shot clock and straight through the net. The craziest part is that Fox actually made this shot twice in back-to-back attempts, which much like pimping, ain’t easy.

The shot was good enough to get the attention of the squares over at ESPN, who decided to lead off their Top 10 with it on Sportscenter Sunday night, after getting clearance from UGA redshirt forward Connor Nolte, who posted the video on his website as apart of his Gameday Trick Shot series, which is quickly becoming legendary. By Monday the World Wide Leader decided that the shot deserved a little bit more love, bumping it up to the #4 spot, surely giving Fox more mainstream shine than he expected when he decided to do Nolte a solid.

What’s even crazier is that Nolte has been waiting about a month to post a video of Coach Fox hitting this shot, as the original video was lost due to a shady charger frying his camera (ghettooh). Conveniently of all the shots that Nolte has posted, the Fox video was the only one that crapped out, but luckily he was able to re-shoot it, and the rest is history.

Connor isn’t eligible to play this year, but this video has definitely earned him some brownie points for next season, and hopefully a slew of courtesy hojos from one of the many dime co-eds that has been known to flock around campus. Or at least a better bag from the Hoop Girls…geez. Via Passers Remorse


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