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Udonis Haslem Tells Lance Stephenson “Imma F You Up!”

Udonis Haslem Lance Stephenson Imma Fuck You Up


Shit got real during Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals as Udonis Haslem came to the defense of LeBron and his Heat teammates by telling Lance Stephenson point blank, “Imma fuck you up,” following some continued trolling by Stephenson, which has been evident throughout the series.

In Game 5 Stephenson was spotted blowing in LeBron’s ear and infuriated Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra into giving him the stink eye after Stephenson tried to get all up in the kool-aid during a huddle.

Lance Stephenson DIck in LeBron Face

In Game 6 the shenanigans continued, even after a mediation from Larry Bird prior to the game, as Stephenson was spotted trying to stick his dick in LeBron’s grill in addition to a super suss face rub.

During a stoppage in play with LeBron and Haslem both on the sideline and Stephenson in their vicinity, Haslem took the opportunity to let Stephenson know that he didn’t like his antics one bit and was willing to throw hands if necessary.

Haslem had to be restrained by LeBron, but even the greatest player in basketball had to appreciate his fellow teammate coming to his defense.

There are several dudes in the NBA who are documented studio thugs who aren’t really about that life–Udonis Haslem is NOT one of them.


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