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UCSB Fan Runs Onto Court Comes At Hawaii Head Coach Gib Arnold

UCSB Fan Attacks Hawaii Coach


In one of the more legendary/absurd moments of the college basketball season, a UCSB fan was ejected from a home game against Hawaii on Thursday night for running onto the court and trying to come at Hawaii head coach Gib Arnold.

The incident occurred in the first half after Arnold was hit with a tech and proceeded to storm the court towards an official to argue the call as Hawaii players and coaches tried to restrain their coach.

Suddenly a bro wearing a UCSB Class of 2014 t-shirt made his way from the bleachers onto the court and charged right at Arnold, getting within a few inches of the coach and appearing to yell something along the lines of, “come at me bro!” as Hawaii coaches and players looked on in shock.

The dude eventually headed back to his seat in the bleachers before being escorted out of the Thunderdome by a security guard and actually getting into a verbal altercation with another fan as he exited the arena.

The UCSB incident is just the latest in a long line of questionable fan conduct this season. Look for the NCAA to address this situation with some stiff penalties in the near future.



  1. Jason March 10, 2014

    One of the best comments I saw on this was: “Skinny Mark Sanchez needs to get a hobby…” ha What a clown.


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