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UCLA Volleyballer Gets 2nd At Miss California Pageant


The Chaser would like to give a shout out to former UCLA Volleyballer Nana Meriwether, who placed 2nd in the 2010 Miss California USA competition to Nicole Johnson, despite being the overwhelming crowd favorite. If Johnson decides to slip up like last year’s winner Carrie Prejean, Meriwether will assume her responsibilities as Miss California. This wouldn’t be too bad considering Nana is a winner and not a chicken dinner.

Since her playing days ended, Meriwether has been a fixture in various beauty pageants and it’s easy to see why. At 6-feet, Nana is what we like to call a thoroughbred, with an amazing body and gorgeous smile to boot. Needless to say we would, like it was all good, cause it would be.

Check out some of our favorite pics from the 2010 Miss California USA pageant, including winner Nicole Johnson, after the jump…


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