UCLA Students Rebel With Watered-Down Undie Run

Via Busted Coverage


Even though school authorities attempted to cancel the recent tradition of the UCLA Undie Run, a few hundred students decided to say “F” the man and went ahead with continuing the event as scheduled. The Unide Run occurs the Wednesday of finals week, and since UCLA operates on the quarter system, there are 3 runs per school year. The final run in the spring quarter generally attracts the largest audience, taking it to the concrete in nothing but panties, boxers and tighty whities. Not a bad sight to see.

Over the course of the last few years, the Undie Run grew from a grassroots campaign started by a few students looking to have a little fun to combat the stress of finals, to an all out event that attracted tens of thousands of participants, many of whom were not actually students of the school. Because of the large amount of non-UCLA attendees and the subsequent ragers that occur before, during and after the festivities, school administrators decided that it was time to give the run the boot.

Even though the school and campus police can try to shut down this now legendary event, the craftier students will keep figuring out a way to make sure that it lives on. The police can only crack down on the Undie Run, they will never be able to prevent it completely.

Check out our video from the last official UCLA Undie Run in the spring of 2009 after the jump…

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