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NCAA Football Swag Video

UCLA Shows Support For Gay Athletes With “You Can Play” Video


UCLA Athletics joined the burgeoning movement in support of gay athletes, by releasing this “You Can Play” video, which endorses tolerance, respect and support for openly homosexual athletes.

Mora was one of several UCLA coaches to appear in the video in support of the movement, even though there are currently no openly gay athletes on campus.

Mora made an appearance on Jim Rome on Showtime last week, where he joined columnist Jason Whitlock and NFL linebacker Scott Fujita in a forum discussion about the gay athlete topic.

All 3 men agreed that an openly gay athlete would have no problem playing on a team and being in the locker room, just as long as they were able to perform in their particular sport, but none could be sure what impact the mainstream media would have with the issue.

Being a UCLA alum, it makes me proud to see the school promoting tolerance for all, and being on the forefront of promoting equality for all races, colors and creeds long before it was fashionable.

[via Dr. Saturday]


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