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Two Creepers One Alert…Alabama


Its been awhile since the last time we had to alert you about a creeper, but do we have a story for you today. Not only did they arrest one creeper coach from Gadsden City High School for 2nd degree rape, but also a second teacher from the skool as an accessory to creeping.

Not only are the police are saying the dude, Nicholas Smith, up there was getting it on with a 15 year old student, but that he has some nude pics of an underage girl on his cellie. That’s some assistant baseball coach for you.

But, the triv part is that the lovely lady, Amanda Alldredge a biology teacher at the skool, might have known that he was getting it on with the little girl months ago and didn’t tell the poepoe’s. Instead she lied for the creeper coach when the girls mom was trying the figure out if he was crushing her daughter.

Tisk, tisk, tisk. Alabama consider yourself alerted.


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