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Tunisia Coach Lays Down Boom Hand and Smacks Player Before Loss to Team USA


Apparently Tunisian basketball coach Adel Tlatli is a fan on the Knight approach when it comes to interaction with players and making sure that they are properly listening to the words that are coming out of your mouth.

Tlatli caught one of his players slipping during a huddle prior to their game against the heavily-favored Team USA, and decided to get his attention with a ho-slap that would have even made the ArchBishop Don “Magic” Juan say, “now that’s pimpin!”

After leading Tunisia the the country’s first ever FIBA African championship (2011) and Olympic birth Tlatli has to be feeling a little something like Mo Green, with his players serving as the proverbial Fredos.

Needless to say coaching a squad like Tunisia allows Tlatli to get away with this action without major backlash, but just imagine if Coach K would have tried to get that off with a member of the Team USA squad.

Video of Tunisian basketball coach Adel Tlatli slapping one of his players after the jump…


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