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T.O. Doesn’t Fux With Rodney Harrison


The boy T.O. is at it again. After having one of the worst games of his career and NOT using the postgame news conference as a venue to bitch and moan, former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison said something to get him going. Harrison now serves as a (kinda sh*tty) analyst on NBC’s “Football Night in America.” During the show Harrison, who is technically now a member of the media, was talking some heat about Owens following the Bills loss, saying T.O is “more concerned with his own stats than the team’s success.” T.O. heard said comments and decided to take it to the tweets.

Everybody knows that T.O. likes to talk, but we also know that most of the time he is keeping it real. In a world where athletes are basically forced to toe the company line, out of fear of consequences and reprecussions, Owens gets shat on for speaking his mind. Whether you love or hate him, the man is a guaranteed Hall of Famer based on numbers, but he will probably get did dirty by the square voting contigent, whilst they use his soundbites to stew up controversy to make money. It’s a vicious cycle.


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