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TKO’D By Himself…Arturo Gatti’s Last Fight Deadily

John Krease Jul 31


So the details on what went down the night Arturo Gatti was murdered have finally been released and it does kind of sound like he might have killed himself.

Up until now, we have been saying that the wifie, Amanda Rodrigues, did it. Come to find out Gatti hung himself from a staircase column 7 feet off the ground, stood on a stool and just let go. And then just hung there for 3 hours before falling to the floor.

This after he was faded off of 7 beers and 2 bottles of wine the night before…. and after beating his wife like Ike in the middle of the street. But his wifie wasn’t the only persons’ ass he whooped that night…he also TKO’d a security guard that tried to break it up.


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