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Questionable Call

Tis Tough: Yasiel Puig Arrested For Reckless Driving in Florida

Yasiel Puig Reckless Driving


Dodgers superstar Yasiel Puig found himself behind bars Saturday, after getting pulled over for reckless driving, doing more than 110mph.

TMZ with the details:

Yasiel was pulled over this morning in Collier County, Florida.  Cops say they clocked him at 110 in a 70 MPH zone.  He was arrested for reckless driving and taken to the local jail.

This is the second reckless driving arrest for Puig who was also busted back in April for driving 97 mph in a 50 mph zone in Chattanooga, during his stint with the Dodgers Double-A affiliate.

All of the charges brought against Puig were conveniently dismissed back in November, which surely had nothing to do with the breakout season the Cuban defector had in the Major Leagues this season.


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