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Questionable Call

Tis Tough: Tebow & Trojans Go Out Like Harold


#2 Alabama 32, #1 Florida 13 – You can call us Tebow dickriders or whatever the most modern derogatory term is, but the b-line is that numbers don’t lie. Tebow may be a system QB, but that system needs toilet paper because it is the shit. The loss to Alabama does not outweigh all that Tebow has done for college football and he should still be considered the G.O.A.T. Who else you know who has done it like him? If you want to point at finger at someone for Bama’s win against the Gators in the SEC Championship it has to be Carlos Dunlap. The star defensive end’s suspension after an embarrassing DUI arrest proved costly for Urban Meyer’s defense, as Mark Ingram got all up in their ass like a wedgie.

Arizona 21, #18 USC 17 – For the first time in the Pete Carroll era a Trojans squad has lost 4 games, including 2 conference home losses, also a first for the man who brought dignity back to Troy. The Trojans are headed to a place they haven’t been in nearly a decade, one of the nastier bowls that the Pac-10 gets a bid to. Tied for 5th in the conference with Cal, the Trojans bowling options are limited to either the Emerald or Poinsettia. Considering that the Emerald bowl is played at San Francisco’s AT&T Park, it’s a likely conclusion that Cal will get that bid and the Trojans will be mashing to San Diego to most likely face Utah, which could give Pete Carroll’s squad another L.

Video of Tebow crying after the jump…


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