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Tis Tough: Plax Denied Work Release…Again!


Former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was denied work release yet again by the New York State Department of Corrections and will now have to serve out the remainder of his 2-year sentence for Cheddar Bob’ing himself back in 2008. This means that Plax won’t be back on the streets until at least June 2011.

The decision to deny Plax work release basically means that his NFL career is over as few teams would be willing to take a chance on a 34 year old that hasn’t played a game since the 2008 season. A nearly 3 year layoff means that it would take Plax at least a season to re-acclimate himself to the gridiron, which is time that he really can’t afford.

The decision to keep Plax behind bars seems pretty idiotic by New York correctional officials, considering that Burress still has enough skill to play in the NFL. Instead of allowing Burress to be a financial burden on the state by sitting in prison getting free room and board.

Instead of keeping Plax behind bars, why not let him go out there and make some dough, so said dough can be taxed significantly by the state and actually bring in revenue to help keep real criminals behind bars.



  1. Jerseychaser54 September 1, 2010

    Good point, he would be paying a grip in taxes


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